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Early Sketches of Dragon Girl

Here's a look at some original sketches from the making of "Dragon Girl"


Margolyn's Field Journal

Excerpts from the pages of Margolyn's field journals on Reptila Mythicalus.


Look Inside: The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly is powered by an ingenious system of weighted ropes, belts, and gears. Learn more about how they work here!


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Teaching with Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl: The Secret Valley

Grade Levels: 3-7

Cuirriculum Connections: English Language Arts

Thematic Connections: Fantasy, Family, Discovery, Animals, Villainy

Overview: Eleven-year-old Alanna and her brother Hamel are orphans doing their best to take care of each other; one day Alanna stumbles upon a cave full of dragon eggs. When the eggs hatch and a mother dragon comes to claim the babies, Alanna is swept along for the ride as they journey to Dragon Rock, a mysterious magnetic force that draws dragons of all shapes and sizes to a magical, untouched valley. When the valley is threatened by outsiders, Alanna must join forces with a mysterious explorer to save the dragons’ homeland. Students will enjoy this fantasy adventure; they will use it to discuss the fantasy genre, extend vocabulary, participate in class discussion, and complete individual writing exercises.

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