Ice Cream Kid

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Fun Stuff

Ice Cream Kid Games & Activities

Irwin's Superhero Tool Belt

Peek inside the Superhero Tool Belt of Justice and Macho Defender of Stuff Bag!


Irwin's Ice Cream List

Irwin's favorite ice cream bars.


The Snackcracker Family Tree

Learn about Irwin's relatives.


Ice Cream Kid Map of Mock City

Irwin Tennermeyer's map of his hometown, Mock City.

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Teaching with Ice Cream Kid

The Ice Cream Kid: Brain Freeze!

Grade Levels: 3-7

Cuirriculum Connections: English Language Arts

Thematic Connections: Humor, Fantasy, Family, School, Competition, Friends, Enemies

Overview: Irwin Snackcracker enjoys competitive booger picking, the smell of cafeteria pizza, and above all else, ice cream. But his average young life changes one fateful afternoon, when a bit of fudgesicle gives him super powers! And these super powers are no coincidence: they run in the family. Students will enjoy reading about Irwin’s transformation and exploring the concept of humor through class discussion, team projects, and individual writing exercises.

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