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It’s political convention season! In the upcoming weeks, Republicans and Democrats will officially select candidates for president and vice president.

However, this year’s conventions, or meetings, will be different from traditional events because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s find out more about what Democrats have planned.

Democrats meet

The donkey is the symbol of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is a political party, or a group of people who have similar ideas about how our country should be run.

Party members hold a national meeting before a presidential election. At that meeting, representatives from each state, called delegates, announce which candidate they have chosen to run for president.

The candidate also may announce his or her choice for a running mate, who would be vice president if they are elected.

At the convention, members of the party also discuss the party’s platform, or its ideas and goals about different issues facing the country.

This year’s Democratic convention is scheduled for Aug. 17-20 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What’s new?

Because of worries about large numbers of people gathering in close quarters, the Democratic Party has decided to organize a “Convention Across America.”

This means that while some events will still take place in Milwaukee, they will be smaller. Also, delegates will participate in convention activities remotely.

It is expected that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

Wisconsin’s slogan is America’s Dairyland because of all the cheese and butter produced there.

About Milwaukee

Milwaukee is in southeastern Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan. Three rivers — the Milwaukee, the Menomonee and the Kinnickinnic — all come together at a harbor on the lake.

About two million people live in Milwaukee and the surrounding area.

Several large companies have their headquarters in the city, and large beer breweries have made it famous for their sudsy drinks.

Milwaukee is a cool place to be, with temperatures averaging about 72 degrees in the summer and 22 degrees in the winter.

Democratic delegates

How many does your state have?

Alabama 52

Alaska 15

American Samoa 6

Arizona 67

Arkansas 31

California 415

Colorado 67

Connecticut 60

Delaware 21

District of Columbia 20

Florida 219

Georgia  05

Guam 7

Hawaii 24

Idaho 20

Illinois 155

Indiana 82

Iowa 41

Kansas 39

Kentucky 54

Louisiana 54

Maine 24

Maryland 96

Massachusetts 91

Michigan 125

Minnesota 75

Mississippi 36

Missouri 68

Montana 19

Nebraska 29

Nevada 36

New Hampshire 24

New Jersey 126

New Mexico 34

New York 274

North Carolina 110

North Dakota 14

Northern Mariana Islands 6

Ohio 136

Oklahoma 37

Oregon 61

Pennsylvania 186

Puerto Rico 51

Rhode Island 26

South Carolina 54

South Dakota 16

Tennessee 64

Texas 228

Utah 29

Vermont 16

Virginia 99

Virgin Islands 7

Washington 89

West Virginia 28

Wisconsin 84

Wyoming 14

Democrats Abroad 13

TOTAL :3,979


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