Where, Oh Where, Is Barnaby Bear? — Adventure with Barnaby Activity

Take Barnaby along with you… to the park, to the store, for a walk along the shore.

Print out the page on heavy paper. Then color in and cut out Barnaby. Now, he’s ready for you to take him on an adventure. Snap some photos of where he goes just like you might do when you’re on vacation!

BONUS! To receive a FREE Barnaby Bear sticker from author Wendy Rouillard, ask a parent to send a photo of your Barnaby on his adventure. Email: Include a mailing address. You’re also welcome to include a description to pair with your photo.

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Where, Oh Where, Is Barnaby Bear? — Coloring Page

Up high in the sky, a hot air balloon flies by! It’s Barnaby!

Where, oh where, is he heading to now? You get to decide!

Print the page and imagine and color a wonderful destination for Barnaby.

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Wallace the Brave: Wicked Epic Adventures — Activity Pack

Get ready for your own, real-life Wicked Epic Adventures inspired by Will Henry’s series Wallace the Brave! This guide includes everything you need to know to jump into a day of creativity, spying, and discovery.


Unicorn Island — Create a Hideaway for Reading

Just off the coast of Foggy Harbor, you’ll find a secret island where magical creatures have hidden themselves away. Now you can create your own hideaway, perfect for your own reading adventures! Perfect for an enchanting afternoon at home with Unicorn Island, a middle-grade illustrated novel series from Epic Originals.


How to Draw a Holiday Hedgehog, Snowman, and Unicorn — Printable Guides

This drawing with simple shapes activity is the perfect addition a snowy day at home. Lulu Mayo’s How to Draw a Reindeer and Other Cute Creatures takes doodlers step-by-step through the creation of adorable holiday characters. Perfect for any age, the easy-to-follow instructions will ignite curiosity and creativity in every budding artist.

You can personalize these quirky creatures to your heart’s content––doing each drawing with simple shapes makes it easy. Whether you want to draw a snuggly hedgehog, adorable snowman, or twinkling unicorn, being an artist has never been so accessible (and so cute)! See for yourself just how fun these doodles are by downloading three free How to Draw guides here.

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Breaking Cat News – Paper Doll Puppet Guide: Beatrix, Sophie, Baba Mouse, Trevor

Let your middle-graders take center stage and put on their very own paper doll puppet show. Using our free paper doll template, inspired by more cute and lovable Breaking Cat News characters, you can encourage creative expression while also building students’ love of reading. In this delightful comic series, three house cats take on the most relevant and hilarious news happening at home, and now, with this all-new guide, you can create your own paper dolls for Puck, Elvis, and Lupin’s other friends: Beatrix, Sophie, Baba Mouse, and Trevor!

Once students have read Elvis Puffs Out, they can use this free paper doll template to help them put on a puppet show. The instructions are easy to follow and understand, so budding puppeteers can have their cast created in no time. Encourage middle-graders not only to create the paper dolls, but also to write their own scripts for the show. They’ll have fun writing them, and you’ll have fun seeing what they come up with. They can even use the Breaking Cat News books as inspiration! After the dolls are done and the stage is set, sit back and enjoy the show.


Breaking Cat News: At-Home Activities, Wooden Spoon Puppets

Report on all the happenings around the house with a new at-home puppet guide from Breaking Cat News creator Georgia Dunn! With just a few everyday items (and a parent/caregiver’s permission), kids of all ages can turn ordinary wooden spoons into their very own kitty reporters. After painting your spoon dolls and getting them all snazzed up with accessories, create your own theater and tune into the show! Includes a full wooden spoon puppet activity guide, with bonus pages from Georgia Dunn on how to report on the news stories happening all around you, every day.

This activity has been adapted from the “More to Explore” section at the back of Elvis Puffs Out: Another Breaking Cat News Adventure.


Outlaw Yearbook Page and At-Home Activities

Like the end of any great school year, Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw is going out in style with its very own yearbook page! Join up with all the Merry Misfits throughout the series—including special guest appearances from author Gina Loveless and illustrator Andrea Bell—with the yearbook page activity, with a space to draw in your own portrait. Then on the back, check out special activities and games that you can do using items found around the house!


Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling — Book Club Discussion Guide

Saddle up for an easy and fun book club kit all about Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling, the first novel based on the adventure game Star Stable! Tween readers will gallop through this fantasy novel, following four very different friends who share one thing in common: a mysterious and powerful bond with their horses. Don’t rein in the excitement after finishing the book, though. With this free downloadable discussion guide, gather a group of fellow riders for a turnkey book club. This discussion guide includes questions from every chapter of the book, giving you and your StarFam plenty to talk about, including characters, themes, and fun prompts to imagine yourself visiting the enchanting island of Jorvik.

Perfect for after-school programs, tween clubs, Language Arts classrooms, or just a few friends!

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Cat Ninja: Boredom Busters!

Go on a Cat Ninja–themed adventure with crafts, games, and activities based on your favorite feline superhero! These three free printable activities from Epic empower kids to build, explore, and learn at home. With fun crafts, STEM learning opportunities, and hilarious gags from the Cat Ninja crew, you’ll be busting boredom in style! For the full activity book, check out Epic, the world’s leading digital library for kids.


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