Puppy Chow Recipe with Peanuts' Snoopy

Make Snoopy’s Favorite Puppy Chow

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Snoopy’s doggone delicious puppy chow recipe! After reading any of the timelessly fun books in the AMP Kids Peanuts series, release your middle-graders into the kitchen. You can help them create Snoopy’s recommended snack with this free, easy-to-follow, printable puppy chow recipe. Snoopy and his gang of beloved pals have been around for over fifty years, and each new Peanuts installment brings both new and longtime fans together. Follow the friends as they kick footballs, tune out adults, and touch readers’ hearts.

Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, and the rest of the group are the perfect company. The nostalgia of a childhood classic shines through each Peanuts book, so readers of all ages will love them. Middle-grade students will definitely love pairing the books with this printable puppy chow recipe. Help them make the delectable treat before they start reading for an easy and delicious snack to turn the pages with! As students are working in the kitchen, encourage a degree of independence to instill a sense of responsibility. Middle-graders will appreciate the trust you put in them, and the reward is pretty sweet too.

Oh, and even though Snoopy loves to make puppy chow, he knows it’s a people treat. Please remember not to give dogs chocolate.


About the Common Earthworm

Creepy, crawly, and crucial to the ecosystem, worms are the spineless stars of this free downloadable invertebrate fact sheet from the world of Stinky Cecil. After your middle-graders finish reading the zany adventures of Cecil and his friends, show them this fact sheet to deepen their understanding and appreciation of how every animal, no matter how big or small, plays an important role in the environment. With a humorous tone and a delightfully-illustrated style, these interesting tidbits are sure to draw students in. You can project it on the screen or print it out to pass around. Whatever you decide, the information is guaranteed to entertain and educate.

The quirky and lovable group of friends in Stinky Cecil always have the best time together. In each installment of the enchanting series, the pals fight to preserve nature, meet other creatures from the animal kingdom, and invent silly games to play (pond-splashing contest, anyone?). Middle-grade readers will enjoy following their mayhem-filled misadventures, and this downloadable invertebrate fact sheet allows you to take their enjoyment even further. Designed in the same comic style as the books, this fact sheet will inspire students to learn more about even the tiniest critters. Once their interest is ignited, encourage them to create fact sheets of their own based on their favorite animal. Anyone can become a nature expert––use this fact sheet to get started!

Toad Facts

About the American Toad

Exploring the swampy outdoors might be a little too messy for a regular school day. Luckily, Stinky Cecil brings the discoveries of nature into your classroom with this free downloadable amphibian fact sheet. Are your students curious about toads’ defense mechanisms? Interested in what they eat for breakfast? Maybe they just want to know the lifespan of the pet toad their moms would never let them have. Regardless of the inquiry, this free fact sheet can help you answer it. Not only is it informative and educational, it’s also designed in an appealing comic style, so middle-graders will be drawn to it from the jump.

Stinky Cecil’s misadventures take him and his friends all over the pond. Whether they’re saving their homey marsh from freeway construction, having pond-splashing contests, or dealing with annoying class pet companions, one thing is for sure: Cecil and friends are guaranteed to make readers laugh. Although they make a silly group, they are also loyal, honest, and determined––admirable qualities to illustrate for middle-grade students. After reading the book and the fact sheet, encourage your students to head outdoors and explore the world around them. Have them identify and observe different creatures, and then research for fact sheets of their own. Pair this downloadable amphibian fact sheet with any of the Stinky Cecil books and watch your students’ interest and engagement hop to the surface.


Create Your Own Cartoon Strip with Phoebe and Her Unicorn

Phoebe and Her Unicorn is a beloved and bestselling series about finding friendship in the most unlikely places. Middle-grade readers will follow Phoebe, a somewhat awkward girl, as she forges a powerful bond with a vainglorious unicorn who shows her just how special she really is (after getting over the whole hit-in-the-face-with-a-rock thing, that is). This free printable create-a-comic activity template opens up a world of artistic possibility for middle-graders. They can create their own magical best friend and become the inventors of their own fantastical tale of friendship. As they work on this activity, encourage students to think critically about what makes their real-life friendships special.

Making friends has never been modeled so beautifully as it is in Dana Simpson’s magical series. After reading all about Phoebe and Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, readers can create their own magical BFFs in the very same illustrated comic style. Readers will join Phoebe and Marigold in discovering each other’s awesomeness, coming to appreciate their own as a result. Download this free printable create-a-comic activity and guide your students through imagining, drawing, and writing their own version of a Phoebe and Her Unicorn cartoon strip. This activity is a great creative exercise, but it also instills a deeper understanding of the importance of friendship, no matter what differences you may have.


Drawing Activity with the Breaking Cat News Crew

Learn how to draw and ink your own Breaking Cat News crew with tips from cartoonist Georgia Dunn, then report your own stories with a create-a-comic activity! Suitable for all ages.


Piper MacLane’s Secret Slime Recipe

Epic! Originals presents the story of Piper Maclane and her malleable pal in My Pet Slime. Middle-grade students can create slime pets of their own simply by following this free printable slime recipe (with the help of their teachers or parents, of course). Slime is the must-make craft of the moment, and Piper’s recipe is the best of the best. Although this slime may not come to life like Piper’s did, making it will definitely bring your middle-grade students’ scientific curiosity to life. Don’t stop there, though. Encourage creative thinking by getting students to customize their slime with glitter, colors, and whatever else they can get their hands on. They’ll have the time of their lives creating and naming slime pets to match Piper’s.

Piper wishes she could have a pet to bring for Show and Tell like all the other kids in her class, but she’s allergic to every animal imaginable! Allergies or not, this is a girl who doesn’t give up that easily. Instead of a furry, sneeze-inducing pet, Piper decides to make her own pet out of slime. When it miraculously comes to life, Piper realizes just how fun, challenging, and messy it can be to care for a pet––especially a slimy one. This free printable slime recipe is a fun, unique way to teach students more about science. But that’s not all! This activity also presents a great opportunity to teach responsibility when paired with the Epic! Originals book. After all, middle-grade readers will easily relate to the desire to have a pet of their own. After making this slime, have your middle-graders name their slimy companions and care for them like pets all day. Follow this free printable recipe for the perfect educational hybrid of science experiment and responsibility exercise.


True Undersea Mysteries

Epic! Originals dives into the mystery genre in the middle-grade maritime series, Undersea Mystery Club Book. Students team up with mermaid Violet and her best friend, Wally the narwhal, to solve mysteries around the city of Aquamarina. With each new case, they learn valuable lessons about their oceanic surroundings and the importance of never giving up. Hang these downloadable fact sheets around your classroom for the perfect way to excite students’ curiosity about other underseas mysteries. Buoyed by an exciting plot that easily keeps readers engaged, the free printable science fact sheets make the perfect educational tool for the marine biologist in every student. Try making fun quizzes or competitions out of the facts if you really want the information to stick!

Middle-grade readers join forces with Violet and Wally to hunt for clues related to playground pieces that have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Luckily, these two are not the types to let a mystery go unsolved. This dynamic duo is determined to uncover the truth about the missing pieces and solve the problem at the playground. To that end, they won’t stop until they save the day for all the sea creatures who want a chance to play. The tenacity of Violet and Wally will inspire students, and they will be engrossed by each chapter of the quest. Once the mysteries of the plot are solved, present your student-sleuths with even more fun facts about ocean science and ecosystems. Each of the facts are contained in these easy-to-read free printable science fact sheets. Pair them with this Epic! Originals hit to transform the everyday classroom into a deep diving expedition for more knowledge.


Outdoor/Indoor Activities

Snug Harbor Stories follows Wallace the Brave and his outdoorsy expeditions in the East Coast beach town he calls home. With this collection of 3 free printable science activities, middle-grade students will be encouraged to get outside and explore the world around them. Start the journey indoors–have your students design their own field books to collect tales and tokens from nature. Then head outdoors to turn some of those tokens into an icy winter mobile to accessorize their snow forts. Middle-graders even have the chance to grow their own avocado plants with these free downloadable activities, instilling a sense of responsibility and a fuller understanding of the natural world.

While flipping through the pages of Snug Harbor Stories, young readers will go along with each and every adventure Wallace the Brave sets out on. Explore streets lined with ice cream shops, poke around beaches dotted with rocky tide pools, and watch his little brother, Sterling, try to eat yet another bug. After wrapping up their Snug Harbor adventures and completing these 3 free printable science activities, ask your students to think critically about their interactions with nature and what they learned from growing and creating their own materials. Whether students choose to create their own field book, grow avocado plants, or build a winter mobile using treasures they collect on field explorations, each activity will instill a love of nature and encourage a scientific state of mind.


Desmond’s Perfect Ghost

Full instructions on making your own perfect ghost!


Easy-to-Make Fake Blood

Check out Desmond’s fake blood recipe!


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