Summer Reading Gets Gamified!

Bestselling author Dustin Brady levels up the experience of summer reading with an interactive gaming map full of XP, power-ups, allies, teleportation, and more! Inspired by his hit series Trapped in a Video Game and Escape from a Video Game, kids read to escape.

With every twenty minutes of reading, from any book they choose, kids navigate the game by making choices as the pathways diverge. Each new decision determines their next move, increasing the chance to escape and become a Reading Champion!

Jump into the game! For you future reading champions, click to get the INSTRUCTIONS and GAMING MAP. For the adults’ instructions sheet, click here.

Once you’ve escaped the game, click to discover YOUR SPECIALIZATION and receive your CERTIFICATE.

Author Dustin Brady gamifies summer reading.

Super Charge Summer with IRL Action

Summer gets even more exciting with books that prompt in real life action. Discover our list of titles that we’ve paired with IRL activities. Divided into three sections: Game, Code, and Craft, kids can mix and match to create their own summer camp experience.

Section 1: Game


World’s Worst Time Machine — Meet the Cast

Ever wondered who the characters are in World’s Worst Time Machine? They’re actually real life people! Meet the cast of World’s Worst Time Machine.

About World’s Worst Time Machine

From best-selling author, Dustin Brady comes a new illustrated novel series perfect for fans who love funny, unexpected adventures and wacky plot twists.

For kids, life can be boring, but Liam and Elsa know how to create their own fun—or so they think. After finding a $3 time machine at a garage sale, Liam uses the machine to summon Thomas Edison for help with his book report. It’s not until the time machine sends a different Thomas Edison from the 1930s that chaos ensues.

World’s Worst Time Machine is the newest series from best-selling children’s book author, Dustin Brady. Using his signature style, Brady’s laugh-out-loud sense of humor and daring adventure will keep even the most reluctant reader wanting to turn the page.

Escape from a Video Game — Dangerously Awesome Obstacle Course

Leap, twist, scurry, hurdle! Create a real-life escape course. Using items you have on hand, set up a series of physical challenges. Then invite friends to run it. Do they have what it takes to escape?

About Escape from a Video Game: The Endgame

One hundred villains will enter Grim Island, but only one will be crowned the Greatest Supervillain of All Time. Will it be you?

The latest battle royale video game from Bionosoft promises a crazy cast of villains, over-the-top superweapons, and non-stop action. But when you get sucked into the game, you discover that Grim Island is home to something far stranger than a few costumed baddies.

Young gamers control the action in this new interactive adventure from the bestselling author of Trapped in a Video Game. They’ll use critical thinking skills to solve puzzles, explore hidden areas, and outsmart villains. Then, once they finish the main story, they’ll get a chance to unlock a whole new tale.

Fans of battle royale games like Fortnite will fall in love with the story’s frenetic pace and quirky humor, while parents will appreciate a book that can captivate the attention of their “I’d rather be gaming” kid.

Trapped in a Video Game — Trapped in a Board Game

You’ve been sucked into a video game. The only way out is to play. Create a board game with all the twists and turns you desire. Add treacherous traps like evil robots, jet fuel leaks, poisonous vines and quicksand! Create the game. Make the rules. Invite friends and challenge them to beat the game.

About Trapped in a Video Game: The Complete Series

Getting sucked into a video game is not as much fun as you’d think. Sure, there are jetpacks, hover tanks, and infinite lives, but what happens when the game starts to turn on you? In this best-selling series, 12-year-old Jesse Rigsby finds out just how dangerous video games—and the people making those games—can be.

Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy — Moose in Quicksand

You’re stuck! Someone will save you! Or not… introducing a new take on the classic game of freeze tag. Based on the Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy series, this take features moose, rabbits, bears. Oh my! What a fun way to play! Whoever is It, you better get to running!

About Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy

The forest is full of danger . . . but help is here. Meet Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy, improbable pals who use their powers—laser vision and an unrelenting sense of optimism—to fight the forces of evil. Join the dynamic duo as they battle aliens, a mutant fish-bear, a cyborg porcupine, and a mechanical squirrel, learning along the way that looking on the bright side might be just as powerful as shooting a laser.

Get ready for hilarious, action-packed, laser-powered adventures written and drawn by Doug Savage, creator of the popular comic Savage Chickens.

Animal Rescue Friends — Animal Relay and Freeze Dance Games

A big part of summer fun is running wild… like a wild animal! Get ready to hop like a bunny, scamper like a fox, and gallop like a horse in these “Animal Relay” and “Freeze Dance” games. On your mark, get set, go!

About Animal Rescue Friends

Welcome to Animal Rescue Friends, where any stray can find a friendly face—furry or otherwise. This first collection of middle-grade comics includes five tales of found family: A lonely girl living in the suburbs finds happiness with a stray pit bull; a protective mama ferret and her six kits learn to trust a shelter volunteer; a shy boy stands up for himself with the help of a strong-willed bunny; a cantankerous cat helps to mend a troubled relationship; and the shelter’s unofficial mascot eventually finds a home. Perfect for animal-loving kids, this adorable comics series will inspire and uplift.

Big Nate — Cue the Pranks!

Big Nate keeps the pranks coming throughout all of his adventures. You can join the party too with these funny, harmless pranks. Have fun this summer fooling your friends! See who gets the last laugh.

About Big Nate and Friends

Sixth-grader Nate Wright is on top of the world . . . with a little help from his friends! His best buddies, Francis and Teddy, stick with Nate through thick and thin—usually thin. They’ve seen it all. Nate’s disastrous love life, his chess tournament trash talking, even his misguided attempt to be a “bad boy.” Along the way, Nate and his pals are joined by Artur, the gentle exchange student who’s popular with almost everyone. And don’t forget Gina, the teacher’s pet who gets an “A” for annoying. They’re all here in this collection of cartoons, featuring highlights from Nate’s most hilarious adventures.

Section 2: Code


Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior — Easy to Use Teaching Guides

The Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior world of Minecraftia holds unlimited opportunities for readers. From bringing your creativity to the Minecraft world to buliding a love for reading, we offer fun activities for everyone to enjoy. So enter the world of Minecraftia and become the greatest warrior you can be.

About Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior

Minecraft meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in this bestselling series of illustrated novels! The life of a puny 12-year-old villager, Runt, takes a wild turn after discovering he has a shot at becoming a true warrior. Follow Runt as he raises his stats and confronts class competitors, frightening zombies, and mob attacks!

Enola Holmes — Decode Secret Messages

Enola discovers a coded message from her mom. Learn to crack the code so you can create a secret message for a friend to find and solve. Follow the instructions and let the numbers tell the story.

About Enola Holmes: The Graphic Novels (Book 1)

A graphic novel adaptation of the hit books that inspired the Netflix film! Sherlock Holmes’ brilliant, strong-willed younger sister takes center stage in this delightfully drawn graphic novel based on Nancy Springer’s bestselling mystery series.

14-year-old Enola Holmes wakes on her birthday to discover that her mother has disappeared from the family’s country manor, leaving only a collection of flowers and a coded message book. With Sherlock and Mycroft determined to ship her off to a boarding school, Enola escapes, displaying a cleverness that even impresses the elder Holmes. But nothing prepares her for what lies ahead…

Book One in the series includes three thrilling mysteries: The Case of the Missing MarquessThe Case of the Left-Handed Lady, and The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets. At the back of the book, readers can explore a portfolio of pages from Enola’s secret notebook!

Section 3: Craft

Creature Campers — Happy Trails!

Snacks make everything better! Create your own trail mix with a mixture of fruits, peanuts, or even sweets! Once you’ve bagged up your mix, you’ll be fully fueled for your canoeing expedition or a trek through the neighborhood.

About Creature Campers

Norm is worried about fitting in at camp. Literally. He’s not just tall for a kid. He’s tall even for a bigfoot. Oliver, the only human at camp, has the opposite problem: he’s small enough that a strong wind might knock him over. With the help of their new friends, Hazel (a hyperactive jackalope) and Wisp (a boy fairy who has trouble flying), they’ll have to work together to earn their canoeing certification without disturbing the resident lake monster—or Barnaby Snoop, who will stop at nothing to capture Norm for his personal rare creature collection.

Are We Lost Yet? — Bubble Bonanza

Okey doke! Let’s have some fun with dish soap and water. These two simple items create a fun-filled day full of bubbles and giggles. Get poppin’ with your own bubble bonanza just like Wallace and his friends.

About Are We Lost Yet? Another Wallace the Brave Collection

Get ready to meet new friends in Book 4 of the beautifully illustrated escapades of Wallace the Brave. Readers will be delighted with tales of friendship, discovery, and adventure.

Book 4 in the wonderfully imaginative Wallace The Brave series introduces an expanded and more diverse cast, including the dynamic, fan-favorite Rose, who gives Wallace a run for his money in kickball competitions, aquatic explorations, and other adventures. Together with Rose, Spud, Amelia, and the rest of their friends, Wallace enjoys a lifestyle of mischief, exploration, (and yes, school) that will thrill middle-grade readers while reminding their parents of the carefree, nostalgic appeal of Calvin & Hobbes and other classic comics.

MUTTS Go Green — How to Make a Bird Feeder

Make and hang a bird feeder to surprise the summer songbirds. It’s a super simple, totally tweet project from Mutts Go Green. Flying along with this activity, you’ll find other Go Green ideas included.

About MUTTS Go Green

This special collection of MUTTS comics for kids includes eco-friendly lessons on how to keep the environment clean and ways to help create a greener future for our furry friends and future generations. Mutts Go Green draws on Patrick McDonnell’s 25-year career of writing and illustrating heartwarming comics starring Earl the dog, Mooch the cat, and a host of other adorable animal friends.

Candy Experiments — At-Home Experiments

Stack up the Mentos and wait for a cool explosion! Save that cup of sugar to make something very cool! From seeing a soda erupt to making some rock candy, there’s plenty to do with these experiments from Candy Experiments. Invite your friends over for this master class of fun!

About Candy Experiments

Brilliant use of Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, and other holiday candy! Fun, colorful, and full of surprises, Candy Experiments will have kids happily pouring their candy down the drain and learning some basic science along the way.

Candy is more than a sugary snack. With candy, you can become a scientific detective. You can test candy for secret ingredients, peel the skin off candy corn, or float an “m” from M&M’s. You can spread candy dyes into rainbows, or pour rainbow layers of colored water. You’ll learn how to turn candy into crystals, sink marshmallows, float taffy, or send soda spouting skyward. You can even make your own lightning.

Candy Experiments teaches kids a new use for their candy. As children try eye-popping experiments, such as growing enormous gummy worms and turning cotton candy into slime, they’ll also be learning science. Best of all, they’ll willingly pour their candy down the drain.

Candy Experiments contains 70 science experiments, 29 of which have never been previously published.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn — A Unicorn of a Friend Celebration

Phoebe and Marigold celebrate their 10th anniversary and you can too! Grab one of your besties for a friendship art project making mini unicorns for each other. They’re small enough to take anywhere as a reminder of your one-of-a-kind, unicorn-like friend.

About Unicorn Selfies: Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure

Phoebe Howell and her best friend, the dazzling unicorn Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, have all kinds of exciting things planned for the summer. Their adventures include constructing a secret clubhouse with Phoebe’s friend Max (enlisting the help of some magic pixies along the way) and preparing for a trip to Marigold’s unicorn family reunion. Along the way, readers will meet all kinds of new characters, learn what magic spells are best avoided, and have all kinds of sparkling unicorn fun.



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