Tucker Grizzwell

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From the creators of the popular comic strip The Grizzwells comes a middle-grade graphic novel about the daily trials and tribulations of life in middle school.

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The Knights of Boo'Gar


Get ready for fast-paced medieval adventures complete with monsters, secret kidnapping plots, at least one magical turtle, and a plucky princess determined to save the day.


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Sherlock Sam

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Meet Sherlock Sam, Singapore’s greatest kid detective. With his trusty robot Watson, Sherlock Sam will stop at nothing to solve the case, no matter how big or small.

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The Pinkaboos

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In this girl-powered adventure series, best friends Bitterly, Abyssma, and Belladonna attend Fright Academy, a magical school where they learn how to help little human girls conquer fears through their dreams.

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Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior

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The life of a puny 12-year-old Minecraft villager, Runt, takes a wild turn after discovering he has a shot at becoming a true warrior. Follow Runt as he raises his stats and confronts class competitors, frightening zombies, and mob attacks!


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Kung Fu Robot


What happens when Kung Fu Robot, a theatrical automaton trained in martial arts, joins forces with Marvin, a timid 9-year-old? Superheroic silliness. Whenever this giant red machine is involved, everyday tasks become kung fu adventures.


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Laser Moose

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Join Laser Moose, who can shoot lasers from him eyes, and his sidekick Rabbit Boy, a regular rabbit with no superpowers, as they endeavor to save their forest from looming threats.

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Kid Beowulf

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Inspired by the epic poem "Beowulf," Kid Beowulf follows the adventures of 12-year-old twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel as they travel to distant lands and meet fellow epic heroes.


“What Rick Riordan did for the Greek gods, Fajardo has done for ‘Beowulf’: magnificent.”

— Kirkus

“Fajardo takes one of the most recognizable pieces in English literature and makes it fully accessible to younger and struggling readers...capturing the attention of even the most unfocused readers...Hand to graphic novel fans who love action and adventure.”

— John Trischitti, School Library Journal

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The Scribble Squad

scribble squad logotype

The Scribble Squad is quick on the draw—drawing art, that is! Join best friends Rumpus, Tal, Phil, and Phlox as they navigate worlds of their own creations.

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Jonathan York

johnathanyork logotype

Poor, poor Jonathan York. Such a mild-mannered fellow, wanting nothing more than a simple, predictable life, safe from the darker corners of the world. But when fate strands him in a sinister swamp, Jonathan must confront his greatest fears: thieves, swamp monsters, an evil ice cream conspiracy, and (gasp!) public speaking!

Johnathanyork portrait

“[A] hair-raising tribute to the life-changing power of stories.”

— Kirkus Reviews

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Oh, Brother!

ohbrother logotype 1

Sibling duo Lily and Bud elevate the act of one-upmanship to Code Red levels within the leafy confines of their suburban neighborhood. While slightly older sister Lily may win the occasional battle with her cool-headed maturity, her mischievous, prank-loving brother Bud is intent on winning the war in this funny comic strip. Yet despite their obvious differences, Bud and Lily share a strong family bond.

ohbrother portrait 1

“Delightful drawings and snappy warm-hearted humor make this one of my very favorite comics. 'Oh, Brother' captures the innocence and fun of being a kid.”

— Sherm Cohen, artist/writer (SpongeBob SquarePants)

“Millions of students start their MobyMax school day with a smile from an Oh, Brother! comic. Students spend hours working in MobyMax but their most popular comment always is, 'I love the morning comic!'”

— Glynn Willett, Co-founder MobyMax LLC (Online curriculum used in over half the elementary schools in the U.S)

“'Oh, Brother!' is everything I love about comics. It’s funny, it’s wonderfully drawn, and it’s full of practical advice for dealing with your big sister. I just wish I’d had this essential survival guide when I was a kid.”

— Andrew Farago, Curator at Comic Art Museum, San Francisco

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Phoebe and Her Unicorn

phoebe logotype

Witness just how hilarious the surprising friendship between an awkward, nine-year-old dreamer and a vain, mythical beast can be. These collections will win over the kid in anyone.

phoebe portrait

“…a hilarious, sweet, and unsentimental story…”

— Cory Doctorow, author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Little Brother

“…unique and witty…”

— School Library Journal

“…nothing less than the best comic strip to come along since Calvin and Hobbes.”

— Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn

“Hilarious and smart. ”

— GeekDad

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Li'l Rip Haywire Adventures

lil rip logotype

Rip Haywire thinks he’s got it made. While other kids his age have to go to school, Rip gets to accompany his soldier-of-fortune dad on dangerous international missions. But everything changes when Rip is sent on his toughest mission yet: all-girls summer camp!

lil rip portrait

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gman logotype

Mikey G is just a regular kid, dealing with detentions, irrational teachers, and one very irritating older brother. Except that he and all his friends are superheroes who occasionally have to save the world.

gman portrait

“The world needs a hero like G-Man.”

— Gene Luen Yang, author of American Born Chinese, Boxers, Saints

“Giarrusso has a kid-friendly sarcastic wit which will resonate with readers ages 8 and up.”

— School Library Journal

“G-Man, Chris Giarrusso’s awesome all-ages superhero series, is one of the most fun and exciting new properties to come down the pike in ages.”

— John Hogan, Graphic Novel Reporter

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The EMU Club

emu logotype

When Stuart, his best friend, Brian, and his tag-along little sister, Violet, start a mystery-solving club, they start to look closely at the everyday world around them. And they find some amazing, incredible things.

“Filled with wild twists and funny dialogue…”

— Publishers Weekly

“The EMU Club inhabits exactly the world I always hoped to live in when I was 12…”

— Cory Doctorow, author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Little Brother

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Stinky Cecil

stinkycecil logotype

Cecil may be just one small (and stinky) toad, but he and his fellow amphibian friends (plus a worm, a free-range hamster, and one reincarnating fly) have some mighty big adventures in this environmentally friendly graphic novel series.

stinkycecil portrait

“… blends weighty themes such as life deforestation and habitat destruction with light and often hilarious dialogue…This work should appeal to a wide variety of readers—especially science teachers…”

— School Library Journal

“The minute I finished reading this graphic novel, I knew I had a winning title in my hand.”

— School Library Journal’s “Good Comics for Kids” blog

“A wry eco-fable.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Braddock has written a charming, funny and somehow educational book with great artwork. What more do you want from a book for kids?”

— Comic Book Resources

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peanuts logotype3

Now middle-grade readers can discover Charles Schulz’s timeless and beloved comic strip with collections focused around topics that are sure to resonate. Each book comes with a pull out poster!

peanuts portrait

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Desmond Pucket

desmond logotype

One day Desmond will be famous for creating the most frighteningly awesome amusement park rides ever; but for now, he’s just trying to make it through Cloverfield Memorial Junior High. Can he stay out of trouble and still stay true to his monster calling?

desmond portrait

“…a surefire hit and an absolute scream.”

— Lincoln Peirce, author of Big Nate

“Tatulli's entry into the comics/fiction--hybrid market is one of the best.”

— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“It’s silly and fun and heartwarming all at once…”

— School Library Journal

“Put this in the hands of reluctant readers and they will be asking for more.”

— Library Media Connection

“This is full of ghoulish fun, and fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid probably won’t want to miss it.”

— School Library Journal’s “Good Comics for Kids” blog

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Big Nate

BIgNate logotype

Nate Wright—self-described genius, sixth-grade Renaissance Man, and the all-time record holder for most detentions—is the star of these New York Times bestselling collections of the Big Nate comic strip. Each book comes with a pull out poster!

Bignate portrait

“…Nate’s cartoons interspersed among Peirce’s panels could provide teachers and librarians with great opportunities to incorporate this series into programs or lessons on cartooning and writing.”

— Booklist

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Ice Cream Kid

ICK logotype

Irwin Snackcracker is a wise cracking fourth-grader transformed into a superhero through the power of a fudgesicle. Together Irwin, his superhero grandpa, and a sarcastic pigeon named Bert are called upon to save the day in this hilarious illustrated novel.

ICK portrait

“This book is full of potty humor that reluctant readers will love… Fans of Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants will love this booger-and-flatulence-filled chapter book.”

— School Library Journal

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Dragon Girl

dragongirl logotype

When eleven-year-old Alanna stumbles upon a cave full of baby dragons, she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, and must fight to save her friends from a ruthless dragon slayer in this girl-powered graphic novel.

dragon girl

“…reminiscent of Ben Hatke's Zita the Spacegirl. With lovable dragons, flying ships and danger around every corner, this delightful fantasy doesn't disappoint.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“A lively yarn whose only fault is that it's over too soon.”

— Publishers Weekly

“It is refreshing to have a female protagonist in a story about dragons, adventure, and battles. An engaging choice.”

— School Library Journal

“...a rip-roaring adventure… the kind of book I loved as a kid.”

— Comic Book Resources

“…you should check out this highly enjoyable graphic novel.”

— Detroit News

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Pearls Before Swine

Pearls logotype

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Timmy Failure series comes hilarious collections of his wildly popular Pearls Before Swine comic strip selected especially for young readers.

pearls portrait

“The bright, full-color strips full of puns and sarcasm will delight kids with a snarky and irreverent sense of humor…”

— School Library Journal

“This is one of the funniest, if not the funniest, comic strip being published in newspapers today.”

— Washington Times

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mutts logotype

The warm humor and friendship between two unlikely friends—Earl, a small mutt with a big heart, and Mooch, a confident and silly cat—takes center stage in the award-winning Mutts comic strip. These collections will have special appeal to kids of all ages.

mutts portrait

“Mutts is “one of the best comic strips of all time.” ”

— Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts

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Muddy Max

muddymax logotype

After years of being the cleanest kid in middle school (thanks, neat-freak parents!), Max discovers mud gives him superpowers, which he uses to uncover the secrets of mud-covered Marsh Creek, and save a few lives in the process.


“The mix of adventure, humor, likable characters, and strong family dynamics will resonate with kids.”

— School Library Journal

“Muddy Max is an emotional, darling, creepy tale that absolutely must be read by parents and kids everywhere.”

— Talking Comics

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Cul De Sac

cul-de-sac logotype

Kids will love the quirky world of the award-winning Cul de Sac comic strip, which chronicles the absurdly wonderful adventures of the Otterloop family as their suburban life unfolds.

cul-de-sac portrait

“...much-needed jolt of energy to the daily newspaper. We have a real talent here.”

— Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes

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foxtrot logotype

Appearing in over 500 newspapers worldwide, Bill Amend’s FoxTrot skillfully depicts popular culture—including movies, social media, and the latest electronic innovations—through the cavortings of the Fox family.

foxtrot portrait

“….able to entertain both old and new readers alike…Foxtrot is one of those great strips focusing on a family dynamic that always entertains…”

— Bleeding Cool

“Scores of kids will relate to the funny family dynamics of the Fox family.”

— School Library Journal

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lio logotype

The world of Lio is filled with the extraordinary—monsters under the bed, wild reptile pets, robot inventions, weird science—but it’s all commonplace for the most uncommon young man in this popular pantomime cartoon strip from the creator of Desmond Pucket.

LIO portrait

“Tatulli (like Bill Watterson before him) skillfully evokes a mix of cuteness and gruesomeness in his work.”

— School Library Journal

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Even More Books


We create so much more than just kids comics! Check out these other books and resources from Andrews McMeel Universal.

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En Espanol

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AMP! Comics for Kids Spanish editions let middle grade readers enjoy some of their favorite characters in Spanish!

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