“Llama, Llama, Saw Ya, Llama” — At-Home Seek-and-Find Game

How to play: Find an object to hide such as a little stuffed animal—even a toy llama! Select one person to hide the object. They must make sure that part of the object can still be seen and isn’t completely out of sight.

The other players hide their eyes until the hider hollers, “Where’s the Llama?” Then the search begins! When a player spies the llama in its hiding place, they do NOT shout, “Found it!” Instead—and this is the fun part—they pretend to keep looking, walking around for at least another ten steps away from the hiding spot. Then they shout, “Llama, Llama, Saw Ya, Llama!” and sit down in a designated spot like the couch or porch steps.

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