Building Robots with Functions

Programming doesn’t have to be difficult with this free printable robot building exercise. Here is an accessible opportunity to teach your middle-grade students more about technology, while also exploring the exciting world of Trapped in a Video Game: Robots Revolt. This time, it’s not all fun and games. When Jesse accidentally releases robot villains from Super Bot World 3, he must act fast to save the real world from not-so-simulated danger. Facing threats of sewer piranhas, mysterious men in suits, and impending robotic doom, Jesse desperately fights to find his missing friend, Eric, and restore order to his world. Middle-grade readers will be thrust into Jesse’s daring and bold quest each time they open the book.

As students get deeper into the story, begin introducing the concepts of programming and robot-building using the included activity. Students act as robot function factories by tracing or drawing different pieces into one cohesive robot. Each piece has a unique function or power, so encourage middle-graders to get innovative with their combinations. After their drawings are complete, have them write origin stories for their mechanical masterpieces. Then, they can share the finished products with their peers. The robots in the book may be menacing, but your middle-graders can create their own heroes to defeat them. By pairing this free printable robot building exercise with the book, you will inspire students not only to read, but to pursue valuable knowledge in other fields. And who knows, completing this activity might reveal the next great programmer!