Easy-to-Make Fake Blood

Desmond Pucket is notorious for his awesome pranks. Middle-grade readers can follow in his footsteps using this easy-to-make free fake blood recipe. Just three simple materials transform your classroom into a blood bank. Sure, Desmond pulls lots of silly pranks, but he’s just a regular middle schooler. He has a crush, he loves field trips, and he deals with bullies. Even if your students aren’t prankster extraordinaires, they’ll definitely be able to relate to the middle school plight. And hey, this free fake blood recipe gets them one step closer to becoming prank masters like Desmond!

Complete with a note about potential mess (consider yourself warned), these instructions are easy to follow and pair great with any of the books in the Desmond Pucket series. Whether students relate to the unrequited crush, the desire to ride all the rides at the amusement park, or the satisfaction of getting the best of a bully, they’ll all be united in the fun of making fake blood. Prank responsibly!