Make a kite with Peanuts! Easy outdoor activity for kids

Go Fly a Kite that You Made Yourself

Take the fun of reading to the skies with the help of this printable DIY kite for students. Inspired by Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts cast, middle-grade students have the chance to make their very own kites to fly. This free activity is the perfect way to stretch both your creative and physical muscles (have you ever tried to control a kite on a super windy day?!). First, middle-graders will decorate kites to match their personalities, then they can toss them into the wind. Although Charlie Brown isn’t the best at flying his kite, your students will have a blast getting to know him and his friends before heading outside to try it themselves.

To know the Peanuts gang is to love them. The classic friends have been warming hearts and tickling funny bones for over fifty years, and the AMP Kids Peanuts series lovingly carries on that tradition. Middle grade students may be new to these stories, but they’ll be lifelong fans in no time. With a multitude of books focused on different characters, every reader is guaranteed to find something they enjoy. Take that enjoyment to the next level by allowing them to pursue kite-flying like Charlie Brown. (Hopefully their attempts are more successful!) Using this printable DIY kite for students, you can pair any Peanuts book with a fun afternoon in the clouds.