Learn All the Baseball Positions

Don’t know your right from your left fielder? No worries! The Peanuts gang is here to explain with this fun free printable baseball visual. Middle-grade students can read an AMP Kids Peanuts book of their choice, then they can take to the field with the help of this handy guide. Each beloved character stands in position on the diamond, so your readers can easily see and understand the layout. Not to mention the handy labeling this visual comes with! Learning a new sport has never been easier––trust us.

Although Charlie Brown might not be the most talented athlete, his devoted fans could be. First, though, they have to know all the rules. Even if your middle-grader isn’t fond of playing sports, they’ll still enjoy learning the ins and outs of the game. After all, you never know when you’ll need to know a third baseman’s responsibilities! Helpfully, anyone will be able see themselves represented on this field. It doesn’t hurt that the illustrations are in that classic and immediately-recognizable Peanuts style, too. Perfect for avid baseball fans and novice athletes alike, this free printable baseball visual will be a grand slam in your classroom!