Charlie Brown Mask Activity

Make a Charlie Brown Mask

Do you want a fun craft for your students with minimal mess and materials needed? Then you’ve come to the right place! This make your own mask craft, inspired by legendary “Round-Headed Kid” Charlie Brown, is the perfect choice for your classroom. Requiring only 5 easy-to-find materials, you can break this craft out again and again. First your students can get familiar with the lovable Peanuts gang by reading any of the books in the celebrated AMP Kids Peanuts series of classic comics. After they’ve identified their favorite characters and stories, let them engage with what they just read by helping them create easy paper plate masks. Your classroom will be filled with Charlie Brown lookalikes in no time at all.

Interactive art has never been easier with this make-your-own-mask craft. Middle-grade students will love the whimsical and relatable goings-on of the Peanuts world. In fact, it will be easy for them to identify characters and plots that resonate with them. They might think lovingly of their own childhood security blankets when Linus turns up. Maybe they’ll giggle in sheepish recognition at Lucy’s hopeless crush. They’ll definitely recognize the practice of tuning adults out! After bringing Charlie Brown’s visage to life, encourage middle-graders to make masks representing all the characters they’ve come to know and love. Quick, easy, and accessible, this make-your-own-mask craft is a no-brainer!