Make a Light-Up Zombie Head!

All a monster-maker needs is paper mache! Desmond Pucket is the master monster-maker, so you can trust that this zombie paper mache craft is top-notch. Readers will love joining up with Desmond’s middle school mischief. (In fact, some of your students will probably relate to it.) He’s a funny guy with a mind for funny pranks, and crafting a light-up zombie head is right up his alley. Watch your students put their own spin on the zombies. After all, everyone knows there’s no better way to express creative individuality than by designing your own zombie!

With the help of an adult, middle-grade students can have hands-on fun after reading an even more fun book. Desmond’s misadventures range far and wide––from school field trips to trying to win over the girl of his dreams. There’s something in this series for everyone, so your middle-grade students are sure to be fans. Besides, who could help but love a book that provides a free zombie paper mache craft? Although it might get a little messy, the artistic trade-off is most definitely worth it. Plus, it’ll be hilarious to hear all the stories of the ensuing zombie pranks!