Make a Monster Growl Sound Effect

Desmond Pucket (that’s Master of Mayhem to you) has plenty of monstrous mischief up his sleeve. Students can follow along with his adventures as he pulls pranks, tries to win the girl of his dreams, and creates endless monster magic. Middle-grade fans can join in on his fiendish fun with these free monster sound effects. You can pair this activity with any of the devilishly delightful Desmond Pucket books. With minimal materials and maximum fun, your classroom will be full of howls, growls, and spooky sounds in no time!

Not only is this free activity a fun and easy way to interact with a great story, it’s also a quick opportunity to teach your students a little about the science behind sound. Show them how different mouth shapes and breathing methods create unique sounds, and experiment with other materials to create even more beastly bellows. As they work on their ghoulish groans, encourage them to continue reading the series. It shouldn’t be too hard, though. Once they get started, students won’t want to miss out on any of Desmond’s prankster ways. Whatever your students come up with, these free monster sound effects will fill your classroom with fun sounds and excited readers. It’s time to make Desmond Pucket proud!