Make a Phantom Knocker

Grab some string and a ball and show your students how to make their very own phantom knocker. First, introduce middle-graders to the wild ways of Desmond Pucket. Once they become full-fledged fans (trust us, it won’t take long), integrate these free printable prank instructions into your class routine for an afternoon brain-break. This harmless prank will delight and entertain every reader in the room. With your supervision, you’ll have a room full of mischief-makers in no time.

Using just a string and rubber ball, middle-grade fans of the Desmond Pucket series can join the ranks of the legendary prankster himself. While Desmond busies himself with pulling off perfect pranks, getting the perfect girl, and going on the perfect field trip, readers will be busy learning to love reading. The free printable prank instructions are just an added bonus! You can even encourage your students to think of their own prank ideas. The creative potential is endless. Plus, pairing those ideas with the Desmond Pucket books will help readers relate to the mischievous main character.

Full disclosure: This special effect works best with a two-story house.