Peanuts Activity: Make a Recycled Bird Feeder for Woodstock

Make a Recycled Bird Feeder for Woodstock and His Friends

Reduce, reuse, recycle! This recycled craft for students, inspired by Woodstock and his famous Peanuts pals, shows you how to turn everyday materials into a fun bird feeder. After they’ve read the Peanuts book of their choice, introduce students to the crucial concept of recycling. Show them that environmental friendliness can be a fun part of everyday life. First, have students bring plastic water bottles from home. Then provide them with markers, glue, paint, glitter, and whatever other materials you can get your hands on. Encourage them to put their own artistic flair into each bird feeder, and watch the reusable magic unfold.

Making this recycled craft for students goes great with the comics collections in the beloved Peanuts series. Middle-grade readers will love any and all of them, so you can’t go wrong in your classroom selection. Each installment puts the spotlight on a different character, so young fans can find the perfect story for their unique interests. Whether they relate to Linus’s smarts, Lucy’s authority, or Snoopy’s wild schemes, there’s something for everyone in the delightful world of the Peanuts gang. Better yet, they can revisit their favorites time and time again––recycling in reading form!