Snoopy Finger Puppet Guide

Make a Snoopy Finger Puppet

Everyone knows Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s best pal. Now, using this free finger puppet craft, middle-grade students can make their own beagle best friend to take home! Readers will be drawn in by the classic appeal of the Peanuts gang, and completing this easy-to-follow project will cement their love of the timeless characters. Lucy may be bossy, Pig Pen might be smelly, and Charlie may be terrible at football, but readers will enjoy them and their hilarious antics nonetheless, particularly Snoopy’s. Luckily, you can pair this craft with any of the books in the AMP Kids Peanuts series. Therefore, middle-grade students can choose the story that appeals to them most, and still have tons of fun with this free project.

With minimal mess and maximum fun, you and your students can bring the joy of Peanuts out of the newspaper and into the real world. Although this finger puppet DIY project is specifically designed for Snoopy, encourage students to branch out creatively after they’re done. Maybe they have a different favorite character that they want to take home. They could even recreate the whole Peanuts cast! With so many lovable and silly friends to choose from, who could blame them? To finish up a fun afternoon immersed in the Peanuts world, look no further than this free finger puppet craft. After all, finger puppet dogs are a kid’s best friend!