Make Nature Crowns with Wallace and Friends

Snug Harbor is a wondrous escape for each and every reader who turns its pages, and Wallace the Brave is the perfect guide. After exploring the cozy town with him and his pals, middle-graders can use their newfound knowledge of nature to create their very own nature crowns. With this free printable nature craft, students will first have the opportunity to express their creativity. Then, they can learn more about plants and nature, and show off some serious crafting abilities. After completing their crowns, ask students to analyze the materials they used. Whether a poem about autumnal leaves, a labeled drawing of a tulip, or a story about tree bark, be sure to pair the craft with the cranium. This downloadable activity will inspire creativity and curiosity at the same time.

The whimsical, comical, lovable world of Snug Harbor comes to life in Wallace the Brave. Middle-graders will join Wallace, his best friend Spud, and the new girl in town, Amelia, as they navigate nature and neighborhoods alike. The trio never runs out of adventurous expeditions, and readers will tag along on each one. Along the way, students will curate an appreciation of their own hometowns. In turn, they’ll be encouraged and inspired to explore nature so they can gather materials for unique nature crowns. This is the perfect activity for any time of year. In fact, have students make one every season so they can see firsthand the changes nature undergoes. Download and follow this free printable nature craft to bring their creations to life!