Peanuts Origami Snoopy Dog House

Make Snoopy’s Dog House with Origami

Everyone knows the iconic red doghouse that lovable pup, Snoopy, made famous. With this free printable paper craft, middle-grade students have the chance to make one of their very own––with origami! Written in easy-to-follow language and broken down into small and helpful steps, this DIY project pairs perfectly with any of the books in the AMP Kids Peanuts series. Completing this project can help encourage a love of reading and an appreciation of different cultures in one fell swoop. (All while enjoying the classic misadventures of Snoopy and his friends, of course!)

No matter who you are, there’s a story or a character in the Peanuts gallery for you. Some readers will relate to opinionated Lucy, others will feel kinship with tomboyish Peppermint Patty, and everyone can see themselves reflected in the kind-hearted Charlie Brown. Talk with your students about the different characteristics of each character to introduce them to concepts of literary analysis. After reading any of the delightful stories in the series, break out the paper and get crafty! First, use this free printable paper craft to guide construction of Snoopy’s doghouse. Then, have your students proudly display their creations around the classroom. While you’re at it, provide some background on the art of of origami to inspire cultural appreciation in middle-graders.