Puppy Chow Recipe with Peanuts' Snoopy

Make Snoopy’s Favorite Puppy Chow

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Snoopy’s doggone delicious puppy chow recipe! After reading any of the timelessly fun books in the AMP Kids Peanuts series, release your middle-graders into the kitchen. You can help them create Snoopy’s recommended snack with this free, easy-to-follow, printable puppy chow recipe. Snoopy and his gang of beloved pals have been around for over fifty years, and each new Peanuts installment brings both new and longtime fans together. Follow the friends as they kick footballs, tune out adults, and touch readers’ hearts.

Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, and the rest of the group are the perfect company. The nostalgia of a childhood classic shines through each Peanuts book, so readers of all ages will love them. Middle-grade students will definitely love pairing the books with this printable puppy chow recipe. Help them make the delectable treat before they start reading for an easy and delicious snack to turn the pages with! As students are working in the kitchen, encourage a degree of independence to instill a sense of responsibility. Middle-graders will appreciate the trust you put in them, and the reward is pretty sweet too.

Oh, and even though Snoopy loves to make puppy chow, he knows it’s a people treat. Please remember not to give dogs chocolate.