Unicorn Theater Puppet Show Guide

Middle-grade readers will make fast friends with Phoebe and her unicorn-BFF, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils. The bestselling Phoebe and Her Unicorn series celebrations friendship in the most unlikely of places and pairings. As Phoebe and Marigold learn more about each other, it only deepens the magical bond of friendship between them. Now, with this free puppet show theater guide, you can bring the magic of Unicorn Theater to your classroom or library!

Using this guide (and whatever supplies you have available), you can create your own sock puppet show starring Marigold and her sister, Florence. Have students bring old socks from home––a quick lesson in recycling, anyone? Then, with your help, they can bring the fantastical protagonists to life. Encourage them to get artistic; see how they design their stages and assure them that creativity is key. Phoebe and Marigold definitely don’t hesitate to express themselves, and your students shouldn’t, either! Our free puppet show theater is the foundation of this activity, but letting middle-graders branch out is a surefire way to have fun.

But if they need more inspiration, don’t worry. We have an incredibly fun and entertaining example of our own. Show your students before you begin this craft, and then let their imaginations run wild!