Hand over the AUX cord and crank up a new offering of stories! We are proud to present four new audiobooks adaptations that bring reading (and road trips) to life with exciting narration, immersive sound effects, and characters your kids love. Enjoy these sneak previews below!

Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: A Collection of Books 4 – 6

The final three books of the internationally best-selling 8-Bit Warrior series are back in audio format. Follow Runt through his warrior training and final battles!

This audiobook collection combines Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Path of the DiamondDiary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Quest Mode, and Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Forging Destiny into one action-packed listen. Follow Runt through more warrior training, saving Villagetown, epic boss battles, and summoning the hero within himself.

Tales of an 8-Bit Kitten Collection: Books 1 and 2

From the author of the internationally best-selling 8-Bit Warrior series comes a new series about a kitten named Eebs, a kitten who ventures through the world of Minecraft, and encounters some familiar 8-Bit Warrior characters along the way. Will he fulfill the prophecy of The Chosen One in this immersive audio experience?

This audiobook collection combines Tales of an 8-Bit Kitten: Lost in the Nether and Tales of an 8-Bit Kitten: A Call to Arms into one action-packed listen. Follow Eebs through his adventures in the Nether,  his preparation for the war against the Eyeless One, and connecting with a familiar 8-Bit Warrior friend, Runt.

Call Me Athena: Girl from Detroit

This enchanting novel in verse hits the headphones and captures one young woman’s struggle for independence, equality, & identity as the daughter of Greek and French immigrants in tumultuous 1930s Detroit.

Call Me Athena: Girl from Detroit is a critically-acclaimed written novel in verse loosely based on author Colby Cedar Smith’s paternal grandmother. The story follows Mary as the American-born daughter of Greek and French immigrants living in Detroit in the 1930s, creating a historically accurate portrayal of life as an immigrant during the Great Depression, hunger strikes, and violent riots.

Mary lives in a tiny apartment with her immigrant parents, her brothers, and her twin sister, and she questions why her parents ever came to America. She yearns for true love, to own her own business, and to be an independent, modern American woman—much to the chagrin of her parents, who want her to be a “good Greek girl.”

Mary’s story is peppered with flashbacks to her parents’ childhoods in Greece and northern France; their stories connect with Mary as they address issues of arranged marriage, learning about independence, and yearning to grow beyond one’s own culture. Though Call Me Athena is written from the perspective of three profoundly different narrators, it has a wide-reaching message: It takes courage to fight for tradition and heritage, as well as freedom, love, and equality.

Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches

History, magic, and adventure collide in this riveting middle-grade fantasy about an unusual boy who unlocks an ancient relic—and with it, a forgotten world. Befriended by a band of young witches, Archibald Finch must quickly adapt to survive in Lemurea, where a battle born in the Middle Ages is still unfolding . . . 

Archibald is a risk-averse boy with quirks that earn him plenty of eye-rolls, especially from his older sister, Hailee. Things get worse when his parents move the family from London to his grandmother’s creepy manor in the English countryside. Now he has to deal with hairless dolls in the library, weird stone creatures on the roof, and a spooky forest at the edge of the backyard. But these turn out to be the least of Archibald’s problems . . .

One day, as he’s exploring the cavernous house, he finds a curious globe that whisks him away to a secret world, hidden for 500 years. Archibald finds himself on a thrilling adventure full of medieval magic, mysterious symbols, and the strangest beasts, while Hailee—who witnessed her brother’s disappearance—embarks on a daring quest to find him.



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