Do You Make the Grade?
AMP | Kids is proud to partner with The Mini Page, celebrating over 50 years of providing engaging and fun learning opportunities to young readers across the country. This feature was originally syndicated in newspapers the week of June 13 – June 19, 2020. It is distributed digitally here with permission from Andrews McMeel Syndication. Enjoy and share with the young learners in your life!

Most kids look forward to summer, when school is out, the pool is open and they can play all day. Summer 2020 may be quite different for many kids around the country. There may be rules about gathering in groups, and some swimming pools may never open.

Some fun summer traditions can also be dangerous for kids. How safe is your family when it comes to summer activities?

This week, The Mini Page lets you give out the grades! Give yourself and your family a plus (+) for safety rules you always follow. Put a check (√) next to those you need to work on. Then sit down with your family and discuss whether you get an S (satisfactory) or a U (unsatisfactory) for each category. Stay safe this summer!

Water BottleSun Safety

  • I wear a hat. ____
  •  I drink lots of water. ____
  • I don’t exercise in the hot sun, I exercise in the shade. ____
  • I wear sunscreen to keep from getting sunburned. The higher the SPF number, the more sun is blocked. (SPF stands for sun protection factor.) ____

Hiking Safety

  • I stay in sight of adults. ____
  • I walk only on trails and watch my step. Roots, rocks, and logs can trip hikers. ____

Tick Safety

  • TickI check myself and my pets often for ticks. ____

Some ticks that attach themselves to humans can cause sicknesses, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever or Lyme disease.

If you find a tick, remove it gently and carefully with tweezers. Do not leave the tick’s mouth in your skin. Wash the bite with soap and water, and be sure to tell your parents.

Bike Safety

  • HelmetI always wear a helmet. ____
  • I never wear earbuds while riding. ____
  • I stop at stop signs and for red and yellow lights. ____
  • I don’t ride barefoot. ____

Car Safety

  • I always buckle my seat belt. ____
  • CarI never bother the driver. ____
  • I watch for traffic before I get out of the car. ____

Our Safety Report Card

Does your family get an S (satisfactory) or a U (unsatisfactory) in each of these areas?

Sun Safety: ____

Hiking Safety: ____

Tick Safety: ____

Bike Safety: ____

Weather Safety: ____

Travel Safety: ____

How did your family do? What areas do you need to work on together to be safer this summer?


For Later:

Look through your newspaper for safe summer fun activities!

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