Charles M. Schulz Museum

About the Charles M. Schulz Museum

Kids of all ages (yes, even kids at heart) love the classic shenanigans of the Peanuts gang. Your middle-grade students might even consider themselves experts on all the characters. However, there’s always more to learn. With these free printable museum facts, students get a peek behind-the-scenes at the mind who created Peanuts. (You might even get a field trip out of it!) Charles M. Schulz, the mind behind Peanuts, has a whole museum dedicated to him and his iconic creation. Museums are a fun and interactive way to learn, and the history of Schulz will interest people from all walks of life.

Just in case students can’t make it to the museum themselves, we have the perfect material to educate them about it regardless. Written in short, easily-comprehensible language, even the most reluctant readers will be interested in this information. You can even pair these free printable museum facts with any of the books in the AMP Peanuts series to add an additional layer of context and enjoyment to the reading experience. Whether your classroom is full of Lucy fans, Snoopy die-hards, or Charlie enthusiasts, the history of Charles M. Schulz will unite them all.