Cartooning Guide: Draw Your Own Pet News Team

Breaking Cats News is a hilarious and heartwarming series about our cats’ tops concerns. Illustrated by the masterful Georgia Dunn and inspired by her real life feline friends, each book sheds light on the most pressing cat news stories. From back-in-action vacuum cleaners to reports of freshly-cooked bacon, Elvis, Lupin, and Puck always have their paws on the pulse. Now, your middle-grade students can, too! They can create their own cast of characters by following this free downloadable cartooning guide.

First, Georgia provides students with helpful tips about how to get started as cartoonists. Then, she breaks down her illustration process for each of her main characters. She provides bursts of encouragement at each step of the process, and students will feel like master cartoonists in no time. After learning the ins-and-outs of drawing facial expressions and outfits, Georgia invites students to draw their own pets as reporters. And, that’s not all! Once middle-graders have created their pet news team, there’s a handy sheet on the back of this free downloadable cartooning guide that guides them through illustrating an entire scene. Encourage students to get creative, and then hang their news stories around the classroom!