Desmond’s Perfect Ghost

To know Desmond Pucket is to (exasperatedly) love him. He pulls pranks like no other, and middle-grade students will be laughing along with each one. With each book in the series, Desmond introduces readers to some crazy new idea. Luckily, we have lots of easy-to-follow instructions to help middle-graders recreate the best ones. This free printable ghost craft is just one of many. Take a look at the Phantom Knocker activity to see what we mean.

Funnily enough, creating a phantom knocker pairs pretty well with making the perfect ghost. After all, everyone knows that two pranks are better than one! Using this free printable ghost craft, middle-graders can pull off the ultimate prank. First, students can read any of the books in the Desmond Pucket series for prank-spiration from the Master of Mayhem himself. Then, you can download and print these easy instructions to help them bring their mischief to life––don’t forget to nab the phantom knocker instructions, too. Hands-on activities like these are the perfect way to get even the most reluctant readers excited about books. A prank a day keeps the boredom away!