Fun Facts About Charles M. Schulz and Peanuts

Contextualize any of the AMP Kids Peanuts books with these free printable fun facts about the artist behind it all! This is a great opportunity for you to introduce middle-grade readers to other elements of literature. By giving them a glimpse into the creator’s life, you can increase their appreciation of the creation. You can easily incorporate these short biographical tidbits into your students’ reading routine. Doing so will help middle-graders learn more about an iconic piece of the American cartoon canon. Not only that, but learning about Schulz’s background will illustrate how childhood dreams can become realities.

After enjoying one of the many delightful books in the Peanuts collection, encourage your students to explore the story on a deeper level. You have the chance to introduce them to important elements of critical reading by sharing the context of the author with them. Teaching them about Charles Schulz will add even more enjoyment to reading about Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang’s antics. These facts, while super fun, will also answer Peanuts fans’ most pressing questions. Do you know how many comic strips Charles Schulz drew in his lifetime? Or the inspiration behind Snoopy? Get these answers and more by downloading these free printable fun facts!