Welcome to 2021! While educators continue to persevere through remarkable (and varied) circumstances, parents and caregivers may wish to help push back the COVID slide by sparking new learning opportunities at home. We’d like to help! Collected below are our best and most accessible offerings of downloadable activities and teaching guides. Happy learning!

Printable Activities

Cat Ninja: Boredom Busters!

Go on a Cat Ninja–themed adventure with crafts, games, and activities based on your favorite feline superhero! These three free printable activities from Epic empower kids to build, explore, and learn at home. With fun crafts, STEM learning opportunities, and hilarious gags from the Cat Ninja crew, you’ll be busting boredom in style!

Ages 7 to 10
Book: Cat Ninja by Matthew Cody and Yehudi Mercado
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Breaking Cat News: At-Home Activities

Report on all the happenings around the house with a new at-home puppet guide from Breaking Cat News creator Georgia Dunn! With just a few everyday items (and a parent/caregiver’s permission), kids of all ages can turn ordinary wooden spoons into their very own kitty reporters. After painting your spoon dolls and getting them all snazzed up with accessories, create your own theater and tune into the show! Includes a full wooden spoon puppet activity guide, with bonus pages from Georgia Dunn on how to report on the news stories happening all around you, every day.

Ages 7 to 12
Book: Elvis Puffs Out: Another Breaking Cat News Adventure by Georgia Dunn
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Teaching Guides

Soul Riders: Literature and Creative Writing

Gallop into the magical world of Soul Riders, based on the hit game Star Stable, in which everyone can be the hero of their own story! As you ready Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling, use this curriculum-flexible guide to start conversations about character traits, narrative arcs, and story techniques such as the use of metaphor, simile, setting, and mythology to bring the island of Jorvik to life for tween readers. Then take the reins of destiny yourself with creative writing prompts and activities! Learn how to draw your own Soul Riders symbol, discover your magic power, and craft a journey just as exciting and meaningful as that found in the Soul Riders trilogy. Perfect for classroom discussions, after-school activities, and/or family reading time.

Grades: 5 – 8
Book: Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling by Helena Dahlgren
Curriculum Connections:Literature, Creative Writing
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Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Math and Science

The Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior world of Minecraftia holds unlimited opportunities for students to practice and apply math skills. From multiplication and division with crafting to perimeter, area, and volume with building, students can create their own math challenges and invite other students to solve them. Includes worksheets, answer keys, and real-world science lesson tie-ins.

Grades: 3 – 5
Book: Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior series
Curriculum Connections: Math and Science
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