Ghost Network Book Club

Book Club Discussion Questions

Get the conversation going with these discussion questions about The Ghost Network! Tween readers will race through the thrilling plot of this book, following five very different hacker friends as they attempt to save the world (and themselves) from evil in the tech industry. Don’t let the action end after they finish the book, though. With this collection of free downloadable book club discussion questions, gather a group and keep the momentum of the story going with a deep diver into the plot, characters, and themes.

Jack, Slack, Salome, Akane, and Eva overcome countless challenges in The Ghost Network. They deal with cyberbullying, battle sinister figures, and code like their lives depend on it. Although they come from different backgrounds and parts of the world, they are united in their passion for computers and friendship with each other. After your students finish the compelling first novel, use these free downloadable book club discussion questions to spark conversation in groups both small and large. Either way, they’re sure to ignite a critical discussion focused on digital citizenship, mindfulness, and responsibly navigating a diverse world.


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