Jobs of the Future: Activity Guide

What COULD you be when you grow up? Find out with this fun activity!

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Are We Lost Yet?: Boredom Busters

Explore more of Wallace’s world with these boredom busters!

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Behind the Scenes with Burt: Paper Dolls

Enjoy building your favorite characters from Behind the Scenes with Burt!

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Unicorn Island: Secret Beneath the Sand – Boredom Buster Activities

Explore these activities and create something magical, as Foggy Harbor is calling your name!

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Adventure Kingdom: Boredom Buster Activities

Illusions can make you question everything you see. Create your own illusions with these mirror experiments!

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The Bright Family: Boredom Buster Activities

Challenge yourself to practice just a little bit every day, and don’t give up. The more you practice—and the more you persevere—the better you’ll get! Document your progress below.
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Cat Ninja: Time Heist! – Boredom Buster Activities

Practice these yoga poses to be strong, flexible, and stealthy—just like Cat Ninja!

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Creepy Cafetorium: Boredom Buster Activities

Gertie’s hair is so big that it’s like having five extra pockets on top of her head! Have fun growing, trimming, and decorating Gertie’s own grassy hairstyle!

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Cosmic Pizza Party: Out-of-this-World Pizza Planter

Your Earth plants are really amazing! There are millions of different kinds, from prickly and poisonous to delicious and nutritious, and they literally make—and clean—the air you breathe! That means pizza is actually good for the earth—or at least pizza herbs are. Plant this tiny herb garden for fresher air and flavors that are out of this world. Just don’t try serving them to Plegans!

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Animal Rescue Friends: Boredom Busters

Join the Animal Rescue Friends for crafts, games, and activities based on their rescue animals and the volunteers who love them!
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