Charles M. Schulz Museum

About the Charles M. Schulz Museum

Learn about the museum dedicated to Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Peanuts!


Fun Facts About Charles M. Schulz and Peanuts

Do you know how many comic strips Charles Schulz drew in his lifetime? Or the inspiration behind Snoopy? Find out here!


Learn How Comics Can Reflect Life

Learn how Charles Schulz reflected his own life in comics, and then create your own with this easy-to-use guide!


Learn All the Baseball Positions

Don’t know your right from your left fielder? No worries! The Peanuts gang is here to explain with this fun visual guide.

Charlie Brown Mask Activity

Make a Charlie Brown Mask

Recreate the iconic “Round-Headed Kid” look with just a paper plate and a craft stick!

Make a kite with Peanuts! Easy outdoor activity for kids

Go Fly a Kite that You Made Yourself

An easy-to-make kite guide from the Peanuts gang! We just hope you’re more successful at flying it than good ol’ Charlie Brown!

Peanuts Activity: Make a Recycled Bird Feeder for Woodstock

Make a Recycled Bird Feeder for Woodstock and His Friends

Reduce, reuse, recycle! This Peanuts activity guide shows you how to turn everyday materials into a fun bird feeder!

Snoopy Finger Puppet Guide

Make a Snoopy Finger Puppet

Snoopy is the Charlie Brown’s best pal. Now you can make your own beagle best friend to take home!

Peanuts: Make an Animated Flip Book

Make an Animated Flip Book

Learn how animation takes still panels and turns it into an in-motion cartoon!

Peanuts Origami Snoopy Dog House

Make Snoopy’s Dog House with Origami

Cut and fold an origami dog house for Snoopy!


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