Soul Riders: Creative Writing Workshop with Helena Dahlgren

Welcome to a whole new world of creativity! Author of the Soul Riders trilogy, Helena Dahlgren, invites you to join her on a journey through creative writing in this free series of lessons hosted by Star Stable.

If you’ve written stories before, or even if you’re just starting out, Helena will help you unlock a range of secrets, tricks and tips so that you can level up your creative writing skills and create your own adventures! Helena will introduce you to a new concept in each lesson, as well as a range of tasks she’s designed to help you think and feel more clearly and confidently when it comes to putting pen to paper. Find all the lessons for free on Star Stable’s website!

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Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling – Discussion Guide

Saddle up for a great conversation with these discussion questions about Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling, the first novel based on the adventure game Star Stable. Tween readers will gallop through the thrilling plot of this book, following four very different friends who share one thing in common: a mysterious and powerful bond with their horses. Don’t rein in the excitement after finishing the book, though. With this free downloadable discussion guide, gather a group and keep the momentum of the story going with a closer look at the plot, characters, and themes.

Lisa, Linda, Alex, and Ann all bring something unique to their magical friend group––while each of their powers make them strong, when they work together they’re unstoppable! When ancient evil forces make themselves known in Jorvik, it’s never been more important for the horse-loving friends to unite. Under the guidance of mystical druids, the girls must band together to save the world and ride into the sunset. After finishing the fantastical first novel, use this free downloadable discussion guide to spark conversation in groups both small and large. Either way, they’re sure to ignite a critical discussion focused on friendship, the struggles of growing up, and the importance of teamwork.

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