Toad Facts

About the American Toad

Exploring the swampy outdoors might be a little too messy for a regular school day. Luckily, Stinky Cecil brings the discoveries of nature into your classroom with this free downloadable amphibian fact sheet. Are your students curious about toads’ defense mechanisms? Interested in what they eat for breakfast? Maybe they just want to know the lifespan of the pet toad their moms would never let them have. Regardless of the question, this free fact sheet can help you answer it. Not only is it informative and educational, it’s also designed in an appealing comic style, so middle-graders will be drawn to it from the jump.

Stinky Cecil’s misadventures take him and his friends all over the pond. Whether they’re saving their homey marsh from freeway construction, having pond-splashing contests, or dealing with annoying class pet companions, one thing is for sure: Cecil and friends are guaranteed to make readers laugh. Although they make a silly group, they are also loyal, honest, and determined––admirable qualities to illustrate for elementary-age students. After reading the book and the fact sheet, encourage your kids to head outdoors and explore the world around them. Have them identify and observe different creatures, and then research to create fact sheets of their own. Pair this downloadable amphibian fact sheet with any of the Stinky Cecil books and watch your students’ interest and engagement hop to the surface.


About the Common Earthworm

Creepy, crawly, and crucial to the ecosystem, worms are the spineless stars of this free downloadable invertebrate fact sheet from the world of Stinky Cecil. After your middle-graders finish reading the zany adventures of Cecil and his friends, show them this fact sheet to deepen their understanding and appreciation of how every animal, no matter how big or small, plays an important role in the environment. With a humorous tone and a delightfully-illustrated style, these interesting tidbits are sure to draw students in. You can project it on the screen or print it out to pass around. Whatever you decide, the information is guaranteed to entertain and educate.

The quirky and lovable group of friends in Stinky Cecil always have the best time together. In each installment of the enchanting series, the pals fight to preserve nature, meet other creatures from the animal kingdom, and invent silly games to play (pond-splashing contest, anyone?). Middle-grade readers will enjoy following their mayhem-filled misadventures, and this downloadable invertebrate fact sheet allows you to take their enjoyment even further. Designed in the same comic style as the books, this fact sheet will inspire students to learn more about even the tiniest critters. Once their interest is ignited, encourage them to create fact sheets of their own based on their favorite animal. Anyone can become a nature expert––use this fact sheet to get started!


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