True Undersea Mysteries

Epic! Originals dives into the mystery genre in the middle-grade maritime series, Undersea Mystery Club Book. Students team up with mermaid Violet and her best friend, Wally the narwhal, to solve mysteries around the city of Aquamarina. With each new case, they learn valuable lessons about their oceanic surroundings and the importance of never giving up. Hang these downloadable fact sheets around your classroom for the perfect way to excite students’ curiosity about other underseas mysteries. Buoyed by an exciting plot that easily keeps readers engaged, the free printable science fact sheets make the perfect educational tool for the marine biologist in every student. Try making fun quizzes or competitions out of the facts if you really want the information to stick!

Middle-grade readers join forces with Violet and Wally to hunt for clues related to playground pieces that have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Luckily, these two are not the types to let a mystery go unsolved. This dynamic duo is determined to uncover the truth about the missing pieces and solve the problem at the playground. To that end, they won’t stop until they save the day for all the sea creatures who want a chance to play. The tenacity of Violet and Wally will inspire students, and they will be engrossed by each chapter of the quest. Once the mysteries of the plot are solved, present your student-sleuths with even more fun facts about ocean science and ecosystems. Each of the facts are contained in these easy-to-read free printable science fact sheets. Pair them with this Epic! Originals hit to transform the everyday classroom into a deep diving expedition for more knowledge.


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