Welcome to the enchanting world of kids’ audiobooks, Part 4!


We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the benefits of audiobooks in learning contexts, but what about simple leisure time reading? As it turns out, audiobooks’ benefits carry over into this realm as well.

For older kids, audiobooks can replace a parent reading aloud to them. (And we all love being read to!) Kids enjoy the entertainment that comes from good stories in many different formats, while most parents value screen-free time, so audiobooks can mean a win-win scenario for many family members. Evidence is mounting that parents curtailing screentime is key in terms of healthy sleep as well as social and emotional wellness.

In terms of cognitive processes, listening to a story is just as valuable as reading it. As none other than Spotify has noted, audio piques the imagination! The hands-free nature of audio also lets kids follow a story while simultaneously occupying themselves with other activities (building blocks, drawing, chores, etc.).


As in school settings, audiobooks can be the most helpful (and enjoyable) format for kids who are auditory learners, neurodivergent, have visual impairments, are in the process of learning a new language including ESL… or simply prefer hearing, rather than seeing, their information for other reasons.

Giving kids the ability to process information in the format that works best for them increases their independence and keeps them motivated to continue on their learning journey. 

Educational audiobooks are also available for all of the classics that parents may otherwise have trouble getting their kids to engage with. If you want to raise a Jane Eyre fangirl or a Lord of the Rings expert, the perfect narrator might help bridge the gap between a wall of text and your kid’s next favorite book!


We can’t state it enough: With digital downloads being the predominant audiobook format, one beautiful quality of audiobooks is just how portable they are. Any number of electronic devices that are found in most American households can hold a large number of audiobooks ready to go whenever their reader is ready to pick them back up. This may mean entertainment for young listeners on long car rides, in the doctor’s waiting room or many other settings, or simply during playtime at home.

If you aren’t already an audiobook listener, and especially if you are beginning to suspect your child might take to this format, why not give it a test run? Your local library should be an easy place to start, or try a simple internet search for audiobook deals to snag a fun book at a fraction of its regular price. And if you are already on board with the audio format, we hope you will rest assured that you are being fully backed up by research. Ultimately, format is secondary to a love of books – and who wouldn’t welcome more readers?

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