Welcome to the enchanting world of kids’ audiobooks, Part 3!


Location, location, location! Sometimes it can be hard to access quality audiobooks, but thankfully our library friends, as always, are here to save the day! Most libraries have a fantastic selection of physical CDs for kids’ audiobooks, which is especially helpful for our literary friends in rural areas, where good wifi is harder to come by.

When it comes to digital download audiobooks, some libraries are making their catalogs available far outside the reach of their physical locations. There’s been intense conversation about which topics should be banned or what types of representation shouldn’t belong in libraries, which can leave underrepresented kids at a loss. Over the past years some libraries, like the New York Public Library, have made selected books available to any listener, regardless of where they’re located.

App-based availability

Unlike earlier versions, audiobooks are now available not just as hard copies on CDs or tape but also as digital downloads from a variety of platforms, including in circulation from libraries, and can be played on different devices. This makes them more accessible and more flexible for use in a variety of settings.

Many libraries use Overdrive and Libby for audio listening, as well as Hoopla for on-demand streaming audiobooks. These platforms provide great options for any parent with access to a smartphone or a tablet.

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