Make a Monster Growl Sound Effect

Desmond Pucket (that’s Master of Mayhem to you) has plenty of monstrous mischief up his sleeve. Students can follow along with his adventures as he pulls pranks, tries to win the girl of his dreams, and creates endless monster magic. Middle-grade fans can join in on his fiendish fun with these free monster sound effects. You can pair this activity with any of the devilishly delightful Desmond Pucket books. With minimal materials and maximum fun, your classroom will be full of howls, growls, and spooky sounds in no time!

Not only is this free activity a fun and easy way to interact with a great story, it’s also a quick opportunity to teach your students a little about the science behind sound. Show them how different mouth shapes and breathing methods create unique sounds, and experiment with other materials to create even more beastly bellows. As they work on their ghoulish groans, encourage them to continue reading the series. It shouldn’t be too hard, though. Once they get started, students won’t want to miss out on any of Desmond’s prankster ways. Whatever your students come up with, these free monster sound effects will fill your classroom with fun sounds and excited readers. It’s time to make Desmond Pucket proud!


Make a Phantom Knocker

Grab some string and a ball and show your students how to make their very own phantom knocker. First, introduce middle-graders to the wild ways of Desmond Pucket. Once they become full-fledged fans (trust us, it won’t take long), integrate these free printable prank instructions into your class routine for an afternoon brain-break. This harmless prank will delight and entertain every reader in the room. With your supervision, you’ll have a room full of mischief-makers in no time.

Using just a string and rubber ball, middle-grade fans of the Desmond Pucket series can join the ranks of the legendary prankster himself. While Desmond busies himself with pulling off perfect pranks, getting the perfect girl, and going on the perfect field trip, readers will be busy learning to love reading. The free printable prank instructions are just an added bonus! You can even encourage your students to think of their own prank ideas. The creative potential is endless. Plus, pairing those ideas with the Desmond Pucket books will help readers relate to the mischievous main character.

Full disclosure: This special effect works best with a two-story house.


Make a Light-Up Zombie Head!

All a monster-maker needs is paper mache! Desmond Pucket is the master monster-maker, so you can trust that this zombie paper mache craft is top-notch. Readers will love joining up with Desmond’s middle school mischief. (In fact, some of your students will probably relate to it.) He’s a funny guy with a mind for funny pranks, and crafting a light-up zombie head is right up his alley. Watch your students put their own spin on the zombies. After all, everyone knows there’s no better way to express creative individuality than by designing your own zombie!

With the help of an adult, middle-grade students can have hands-on fun after reading an even more fun book. Desmond’s misadventures range far and wide––from school field trips to trying to win over the girl of his dreams. There’s something in this series for everyone, so your middle-grade students are sure to be fans. Besides, who could help but love a book that provides a free zombie paper mache craft? Although it might get a little messy, the artistic trade-off is most definitely worth it. Plus, it’ll be hilarious to hear all the stories of the ensuing zombie pranks!


Easy-to-Make Fake Blood

Desmond Pucket is notorious for his awesome pranks. Middle-grade readers can follow in his footsteps using this easy-to-make free fake blood recipe. Just three simple materials transform your classroom into a blood bank. Sure, Desmond pulls lots of silly pranks, but he’s just a regular middle schooler. He has a crush, he loves field trips, and he deals with bullies. Even if your students aren’t prankster extraordinaires, they’ll definitely be able to relate to the middle school plight. And hey, this free fake blood recipe gets them one step closer to becoming prank masters like Desmond!

Complete with a note about potential mess (consider yourself warned), these instructions are easy to follow and pair great with any of the books in the Desmond Pucket series. Whether students relate to the unrequited crush, the desire to ride all the rides at the amusement park, or the satisfaction of getting the best of a bully, they’ll all be united in the fun of making fake blood. Prank responsibly!


Desmond’s Perfect Ghost

To know Desmond Pucket is to (exasperatedly) love him. He pulls pranks like no other, and middle-grade students will be laughing along with each one. With each book in the series, Desmond introduces readers to some crazy new idea. Luckily, we have lots of easy-to-follow instructions to help middle-graders recreate the best ones. This free printable ghost craft is just one of many. Take a look at the Phantom Knocker activity to see what we mean.

Funnily enough, creating a phantom knocker pairs pretty well with making the perfect ghost. After all, everyone knows that two pranks are better than one! Using this free printable ghost craft, middle-graders can pull off the ultimate prank. First, students can read any of the books in the Desmond Pucket series for prank-spiration from the Master of Mayhem himself. Then, you can download and print these easy instructions to help them bring their mischief to life––don’t forget to nab the phantom knocker instructions, too. Hands-on activities like these are the perfect way to get even the most reluctant readers excited about books. A prank a day keeps the boredom away!


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