Cat Ninja – Boredom Buster Activities

Go on a Cat Ninja–themed adventure with crafts, games, and activities based on your favorite feline superhero! These three free printable activities from Epic empower kids to build, explore, and learn at home. With fun crafts, STEM learning opportunities, and hilarious gags from the Cat Ninja crew, you’ll be busting boredom in style! For the full activity book, check out Epic, the world’s leading digital library for kids.

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Unicorn Island: Beyond the Portal – Boredom Buster Activities

Explore these activities and create something magical, as Foggy Harbor needs your help!

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Creature Campers: Happy Trails!

Snacks make everything better! Create your own trail mix with a mixture of fruits, peanuts, or even sweets! Once you’ve bagged up your mix, you’ll be fully fueled for your canoeing expedition or a trek through the neighborhood.

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Unicorn Island: Secret Beneath the Sand – Boredom Buster Activities

Explore these activities and create something magical, as Foggy Harbor is calling your name!

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Adventure Kingdom: Boredom Buster Activities

Illusions can make you question everything you see. Create your own illusions with these mirror experiments!

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The Bright Family: Boredom Buster Activities

Challenge yourself to practice just a little bit every day, and don’t give up. The more you practice—and the more you persevere—the better you’ll get! Document your progress below.
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Creepy Cafetorium: Boredom Buster Activities

Gertie’s hair is so big that it’s like having five extra pockets on top of her head! Have fun growing, trimming, and decorating Gertie’s own grassy hairstyle!

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Animal Rescue Friends: Boredom Busters

Join the Animal Rescue Friends for crafts, games, and activities based on their rescue animals and the volunteers who love them!
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Unicorn Island — Create a Hideaway for Reading

Just off the coast of Foggy Harbor, you’ll find a secret island where magical creatures have hidden themselves away. Now you can create your own hideaway, perfect for your own reading adventures! Perfect for an enchanting afternoon at home with Unicorn Island, a middle-grade illustrated novel series from Epic Originals.


Outlaw Yearbook Page and At-Home Activities

Like the end of any great school year, Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw is going out in style with its very own yearbook page! Join up with all the Merry Misfits throughout the series—including special guest appearances from author Gina Loveless and illustrator Andrea Bell—with the yearbook page activity, with a space to draw in your own portrait. Then on the back, check out special activities and games that you can do using items found around the house!


Indoor Activities — “Friend Collage” and “Indoor Basketball”

Bored indoors? Say no more! These Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw free indoor activities for kids can activate imaginations anywhere. Using everyday household items, make your own fun that can be shared with friends far away or family right at home. On one side of this free printable activity sheet, find instructions on how to create a cut-and-paste Friend Collage. All you need is a pair of scissors, glue, a few old magazines, and a friend or two in mind. Cut out words and pictures that you feel represent your pals best, then take a picture to share with your own band of Merry Misfits!

Rain or shine, Robin and L.J. are always ready to shoot some hoops. The other side of this free printable activity sheet has simple instructions on how to create a mini basketball court so you can practice your shot… even when inside! Just grab a ping pong ball and a plastic cup to jumpstart a fun game of Indoor Basketball!


True Undersea Mysteries

Epic! Originals dives into the mystery genre in the middle-grade maritime series, Undersea Mystery Club Book. Students team up with mermaid Violet and her best friend, Wally the narwhal, to solve mysteries around the city of Aquamarina. With each new case, they learn valuable lessons about their oceanic surroundings and the importance of never giving up. Hang these downloadable fact sheets around your classroom to excite students’ curiosity about other underseas mysteries. Buoyed by an exciting plot, the free printable science fact sheets make the perfect educational tool for everyone’s inner marine biologist. Try making fun quizzes or competitions out of the facts if you really want the information to stick!

Middle-grade readers join Violet and Wally to hunt for playground pieces that have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Luckily, these two are not the types to let a mystery go unsolved. This dynamic duo is determined to uncover the truth about the missing pieces and solve the problem at the playground. To that end, they won’t stop until they save the day for all the sea creatures who want a chance to play. Violet and Wally’s tenacity will undoubtedly inspire students. Each and every chapter of the quest will engross them. Once the team solves the mysteries of the plot, present your student-sleuths with even more fun facts about ocean science and ecosystems in these easy-to-read free printable science fact sheets. Pair them with this Epic! Originals hit to transform the everyday classroom into a deep diving expedition for more knowledge.


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