Antoine’s Tale: Celebrations & Games Fit For A Canine

Antoine is one lucky dog who has a lot to celebrate! Celebrate with him through a set of fun games and celebratory activities!

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Phoebe and Her Unicorn: A Unicorn of a Friend Celebration

Phoebe and Marigold celebrate their 10th anniversary and you can too! Grab one of your besties for a friendship art project making mini unicorns for each other. They’re small enough to take anywhere as a reminder of your one-of-a-kind, unicorn-like friend.

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Candy Experiments: At-Home Experiments

Stack up the Mentos and wait for a cool explosion! Save that cup of sugar to make something very cool! From seeing a soda erupt to making some rock candy, there’s plenty to do with these experiments from Candy Experiments. Invite your friends over for this master class of fun!

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Are We Lost Yet?: Bubble Bonanza

Okey doke! Let’s have some fun with dish soap and water. These two simple items create a fun-filled day full of bubbles and giggles. Get poppin’ with your own bubble bonanza just like Wallace and his friends.

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Creature Campers: Happy Trails!

Snacks make everything better! Create your own trail mix with a mixture of fruits, peanuts, or even sweets! Once you’ve bagged up your mix, you’ll be fully fueled for your canoeing expedition or a trek through the neighborhood.

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Herobrine’s Legacy: Herobrine’s Reign

You might want to find out what type of hero you are and quickly! Herobrine is looking for new realms to conquer and you could be just the one to defeat him. Or, if you can’t beat him, join him! Herobrine is also looking for his heir and this test will determine your fate. Explore the world of Minecraft as you find out what type of hero you are.

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Big Nate: Cue the Pranks!

Big Nate keeps the pranks coming throughout all of his adventures. You can join the party too with these funny, harmless pranks. Have fun this summer fooling your friends! See who gets the last laugh.

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Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy: Moose in Quicksand

You’re stuck! Someone will save you! Or not… introducing a new take on the classic game of freeze tag. Based on the Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy series, this take features moose, rabbits, bears. Oh my! What a fun way to play! Whoever is It, you better get to running!

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Trapped in a Video Game: Trapped in a Board Game

You’ve been sucked into a video game. The only way out is to play. Create a board game with all the twists and turns you desire. Add treacherous traps like evil robots, jet fuel leaks, poisonous vines and quicksand! Create the game. Make the rules. Invite friends and challenge them to beat the game.

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Escape from a Video Game: Dangerously Awesome Obstacle Course

Leap, twist, scurry, hurdle! Create a real-life escape course. Using items you have on hand, set up a series of physical challenges. Then invite friends to run it. Do they have what it takes to escape?

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Enola Holmes: Decode Secret Messages

Enola discovers a coded message from her mom. Learn to crack the code so you can create a secret message for a friend to find and solve. Follow the instructions and let the numbers tell the story.

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Jobs of the Future: Activity Guide

What COULD you be when you grow up? Find out with this fun activity!

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